Simon Yates Independent Town Planner  
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Introducing Simon Yates, Bachelor of Arts (Urban Geography) & Bachelor of Planning (Urban Design) University of Auckland in New Zealand.
I am an Independent Town Planner and Resource Management Consultant operating in central Auckland City since 1995.
Simon Yates Planning limited was established in 2003 with the focus being on development planning. I offer experience with profiling and facilitating land development, resource consent, building and subdivision issues:

I have extensive specialist experience in managing consents for - Early Child Care centres, Residential development, Subdivision and Commercial projects.

My wider experience ranges from residential and commercial development and subdivision -in urban, rural areas and coastal development on the Hauraki Gulf Islands; and also covering work on city apartment complexes; business and retail parks; facilities for early Child-care centres, Healthcare, and Education.

My practical landscape construction background is a point of difference from academic planners: I have practical experience in advising clients over building location and orientation, earthworks, landscape and arboricultural management. I understand urban patterns and changes, and understand designing for added property value.

I have a wide network of contacts in the wider development industries.

Professional experience includes working for Councils, property development companies, engineering and surveying companies, architectural firms, and for landscaping projects.